Frequently Asked Questions

We are a consulting firm specialized in offering reliable and low-risk financial instruments. Founded in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico, in 2015, the company is composed of a group of associates who are involved in its operations, growth and expansion.

We manage a diversified portfolio in potential business. This is the result of the identification of opportunities for constant growth thanks to globalization and the opening of the market to both individuals and companies.

We currently have over 12 thousand associates and our contract renewal rate is almost 90%.

The company is legally constituted and regulated by the laws of Mexico, it also complies with the guidelines to be able to offer this service. We adhere to the rules established in the General Law of Titles and Credit Operations, General Law of Organizations and Auxiliary Activities of Credit, ISR Law, the Securities Market Law.


We operate in strict adherance to the commercial laws that govern corporate activities and offer the highest quality service to our associates, our greatest asset.

The associate loans his capital to ARAS to have more certainty in payments. The company invests it in minerals which are later sold to producers in the State of Jalisco for different uses inlcuding exports. As for real estate, homes are purchased through auctions at different banks, which allow individuals to purchase them.

When you join us, you are signing a contract where the term, monthly dividens and initial capital are clearly indicated. At the end of the contract, the initial capital and accumulated interest is returned to the associate, who decides if he or she wants to renew the contract or not.

New growth opportunities that allow you to achieve the proposed goals, an push you to achieve your dreams. Our goal is for your money to grow month by month with clear and transparent guidelines.

ARAS puts money to work through two portfolios:

– Real estate. We buy bank auctions, mainly low-income and medium-interest houses, which are remodeled and then put up for sale.

– Metallic minerals. In the sale of metals, mainly gold, silver and to a lesser extent zinc and lead.

Yes, you decide how to spend the money earned through ARAS.

To join ARAS, all you need is a bank account and to provide us with some general information. Get in touch with us and one of our advisors will give you the right information and a financial strategy that fits your needs.

Here are some benefits of being an ARAS associate:

– Maximize your savings: It’s a simple strategy, where your account’s performance is defined from the beginning. It can also be automated to help you start a habit.

– Generate a long-term income: Have a retirement fund and thus be able to enjoy a meaningful life.

– Reach a short-term goal: Goals like a trip, a new gadget, or the monthly payments on a new car.

– Profits: The interest rate is guaranteed for the life of the contract.

– Payment: The payment of the profit is monthly and that means you receive an immediate return.

– Profitability: It is above the market average.

The head office is located in Memphis with branches in San José, Las Cruces, Dallas, Utah and El Paso. 

In Mexico we have branches distributed across Chihuahua, Delicias, Mazatlán, Ojinaga, Torreón, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Toluca.

We are constantly expanding and will soon inaugurate new offices in Mexico and abroad.

The payment options can be the following:

– Monthly. Profits are deposited once a month, for the duration of the contract, in the associate’s bank account.

– Single payment. At the end of the contract, the payment of accumulated profits is made, in addition to the the initial capital.

The payment date for your profits would be the date when the contract was opened, if a late payment occurs it is because your date fell on a holiday, non-working day or weekend.